Ukraine My Ukraine

Ukraine My Ukraine
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         Ukraine, My Ukraine

In a fading foreign light
My wife and children in a makeshift bed
She still hears the bombs at night
Thank God they're only in her head


She dare not close her eyes with tears

For all the cities laid to waste

And I stand here with my gun

And bow my head to pray


            Ukraine, My Ukraine

            Standing strong

            This is my home

            And the land I love


            Displaced and torn

            We fight this war

            To win or die

            We live by faith

            For Ukraine, My Ukraine

In the dark I try and reach to find

All the love she leaves behind
From a summer’s day on Black Sea Beach

The children's laughter in my mind


So I must find the will to stand

With my brothers side by side

And reach in this unholy place

For all the innocent that died


          Ten million gifts and thoughts that flow
          From people we will never know
          Welcome in a stranger’s home
          And to see our flag unfurled

          In all the countries of our world

          We still face our fate alone

Produced by Stephen Allen Davis for PacificaCreativeArtists


© 2022, Stephen Allen Davis and Dave Wearn, All Rights Reserved