The Huffines of Hollywood



Lola Mae



Genre: Dark Comedy TV Series

Pitch:   Entourage meets The Beverly Hillbilly's, East Bound and Down meets Roseanne

Logline: Lola Mae Huffine is 19 years old. She is the newest and hottest actress of 2022. Her first movie was the "Texas Cheerleader Murders." Since then her rise to fame has been meteoric. Lola Mae's father (Curley) tries to manage her career and money, her dim-witted mother (Denise) just wants to keep the family unit together, her step-siblings (PeeWee and Talcolm) love living the high life in the Hollywood Hills on Lola Mae's dime. PeeWee's movie-star ambition complicates the family dynamics.

Seeking investors and creative partners. Pilot script completed.



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