Soul Sisters

One Heart, One Woman

Virtually the whole world knows about the abducted school girls in Africa and the horrifying rape, stoning and hanging of the two young girls in India a few years ago.  They were hanged in the public square. Their Father was one of the killers. Everyday similar stories happen around the world but the abuses against women are not just confined to Africa or India. It is happening in Detroit, Seattle, London, Brazil, China, and in the house down the street.


Now we have the disaster in Afghanistan. A woman was burned because the Taliban decided she did not "cook good food". The outcry among rational people is for this to stop. The collective global voice has asked for “somebody” to do something.  Even though these women have the world’s laser light on them, the “somebody” has not materialized. How is this still possible in a modernized world with all of our education, and the benefit of our light-speed information-sharing technology?


Never have women had more influence and power in politics and finance, yet only a small percentage of affluent and powerful female voices regularly advocate for a permanent shift of consciousness to fix the problem of violence against women.


Women Can Move The World


When women gather they can overcome any conditions.  For decades of either limited funding or no funding at all in certain major areas of women’s health -- because medical research emphasized men’s medical issues as the priority and focus -- women led the popular charge to increase funding for medical research for breast cancer. As a result, there is National and International Chapters that sponsor breast cancer screenings and events that are expanding education for prevention, providing greater funding for research for improved treatments, with thousands of people working to discover a cure. This was a global change enacted by women.


Why has this happened?


Because breast cancer and the funding for medical research became personal to women.  It took the determination of a core group of women to make this happen. Bold women asked for the help of men but they did not wait any longer for men to fix the problem. Women are the only ones who can make the changes that need to be made and women are realizing that nothing is going to change unless they take the initiative and lead the charge to do “something.” Too many affluent and powerful women of the world have not stepped up and gotten involved and that is unacceptable and must change.

All women are “Soul Sisters,” bonded by the feminine spirit and their unique biology. They understand their issues and needs better than any man ever could. The issues are clear: Women suffer in this world at disproportionate levels to men. Many a man suffers from “situations,” but many a woman suffers just because she is a woman. “I am my sister’s keeper” is real. Who else will do it? Women have to be responsible for all women. It’s never been enough to condemn these atrocities. Action is the answer.

"Soul Sisters" will be a global recording and video event. To ignite this platform to push for and demand rights and protections to all women. Bringing together the most powerful, beloved and respected females in the music community to perform. Filmed and recorded from all parts of the world "Soul Sisters" will involve hundreds of artists to complete this global initiative. From all countries women will come together and perform this song as "One Heart, One Woman."


"Soul Sisters."




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