I wrote my first song in 1964 and recorded it with my combo at Bradley's Barn LIVE with my uncle Harold Bradley. It's called "She Said Yeah", that is included here. We recorded 3 more songs that day. I also was able to find the original demo of "Take Time To Know Her: that Percy Sledge cut and was my first hit song. I was 17 when I wrote and recorded it My start in the music business took off so fast that I never stopped to think about "I was in the Music Business!" I have never stopped working and recording and always looking to get better at what I do. I estimate that I have written somewhere around 2750 songs all together. Out of those 350 cuts on other artists. A few years ago I was able to start pulling together all my song catalogs over the years and they are extensive. There are 3 more huge catalogs that I have not gotten yet but in time I will. So these 104 Tracks will get you started. They are full recordings and demo's work tapes, Recorded everywhere from Nashville to London to LA to Colorado to Goodluck Kentucky, Malibu, Ensanada and Stockholm over the last 55 years. Roll on Brother