Genre:     TV Dark Comedy

Pitch:       The Sopranos with Grits

Logline:   Harland Pettibone  is “Big Daddy” of the three major crime families that control the counties at the Tennessee-North Carolina  state line. Scooter Williamson and Trixie Johnson head the other two families. They are ruthless, vengeful and territorial. Much like the crime families of New York City they stay banded together for the good of all but it is always a delicate balance in keeping the uneasy peace when so much is at stake.  Their money crops are drugs, extortion, kidnapping, whiskey, prostitution, gambling and murder. Mix in a little KKK, the Kiwanis, Pentecostal snake handlers, grits, bibles and guns and you have the Hillbilly Nation

But they do have a couple of other problems.

Vampires and Zombies

Death Train - JohnnyElvisCash
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