Lakota Son of Fury

            Genre: Animated Feature, Action adventure

            Pitch: A colt comes of age in the American West.

            The Lion King on the Prarie

Logline: Set in the early 1900s, "Lakota Son of Fury" tells the story of a lead stallion (Fury) and his colt (Lakota). Bears, wolves, cougars, bounty hunters, cowboys and ranchers all want to exterminate Fury's herd. One of Fury's greatest challenges is raising Lakota to be heir apparent. Lakota possesses the wild, free spirit of his mother. Unless Fury can succeed in taming his son, the herd's destiny is in doubt. An abandoned colt (Levi) -- slightly older than Lakota and more suited in nature/temperament -- is found by Lakota's mother and adopted into the herd. Levi soon rivals Lakota for Fury's affection, setting up a confrontation of power and inheritance.

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