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Rated R

Genre:  Dark Comedy targeted for cable or On-demand

Pitch:    Beverly Hillbillies meets East Bound and Down; Andy Griffith Show meets My Name is Earl.

Logline: In this twisted dark comedy set in the backwoods of East Tennessee. JohnnyElvisCash a crazy down and out songwriter along with his obsessed girlfriend, LouJean Pennybaker  is determined at all costs to become a recording star but their redneck realities are exposed amid the sleaziness of the juke joints, the rip off artists and the fast track of the real-world music business in Nashville.

Seeking investors and creative partners. Scripts for eight working episodes are complete. Four mini-episodes filmed and edited above. The show is streaming on Amazon Studios and the Strimm Channel.

JohnnyElvisCash is now available on iTunes


Genre:    Drama Feature Presentation

Pitch:      Wonderland  meets  The Cooler

                Helter Skelter meets Easy Rider

                Blue Velvet meets Zabriskie Point


Venice Beach is a contemporary thriller. It's a story about a seedy and violent side of Los Angeles. The story centers around Dawn, a dope fiend and hooker. She has lived a very hard life but learned how to make men pay for their sins. Ray is a psychotic loser who hates humanity because he could never be a part of it. Jeff is an accountant and good guy who has done everything right and now finds his life at a stand-still with a snooty wife. He longs for  passion and adventure in his stale life. Frank is an old time Las Vegas lounge singer who has seen the best and the worst of times. He was never able to make it into the big hotels because he was constantly battling his demons . Stan is a boat broker in Marina Del Rey. He is hoping to make some kind of score that will take the pressure off of him and help him hangon to his stripper girlfriend Tisha. Lt. Macey is just riding out his career as a detective. He’s addicted to amphetamines, beer and porn. Ting is head of the powerful Thai Mafia in Orange County. He believes that being ruthless is just a way of life. Chris and Carrie ended up in Hollywood hoping to make it as actors but now they are tied up in the porn industry over in the valley with a nasty coke habit they have to finance. A Northern Mexican gang, Los Rojas is lead by a maniac by the name of "Boss". A family man and a sadistic murderer. There is nothing he will not  do to defend his family and way of life.


America is about money and greed. From the mightiest to the lowest in our society . This story weaves together these eight individuals who's lives entwined and the story accelerates towards the shocking conclusion.


The Huffines of Hollywood



Lola Mae



Genre: Dark Comedy TV Series

Pitch:   Entourage meets Different Strokes, Married With Children meets The Brady Bunch

Logline: Lola Mae Huffine is 19 years old. She is the newest and hottest actress of 2016. Her first movie was the "Texas Cheerleader Murders." Since then her rise to fame has been meteoric. Lola Mae's father (Curley) tries to manage her career and money, her dim-witted mother (Denise) is just trying to hold the family together, her step-siblings (Talcolm and PeeWee) love living the high life in the Hollywood Hills on Lola Mae's dime but PeeWee's ambition to be a"movie star"complicates the family dynamics.

Seeking investors and creative partners. Pilot script completed.





Harland Pettibone

Trixie Johnson

Scooter Williamson

Harland Pettibone  is head of the three major crime families that control the counties at the Tennessee-North Carolina State Line and Trixie Johnson and Scooter Williamson head the other two families. They are ruthless, vengeful and territorial.  They stay banded together for the good of all but there is always a delicate balance in keeping the uneasy peace when so much is at stake.  Their money crops are drugs, extortion, kidnapping, whiskey, prostitution, gambling and murder. Mix in a little KKK, the Kiwanis, Pentecostal snake handlers, bibles, guns and grits and you have the HILLBILLY NATION.

BUT There are some other problems

Vampires and zombies

Family History

After the Civil War the South was broken down to its knees. There was nothing left. Everything of value was stolen and everything the Union Soldiers couldn’t carry away they burned to punish the Confederates. Just when it could not get any worse the carpet baggers and vipers came in to pick the rest of the bones clean. Life was hard and cruel. Man turned on man and family on family to keep their property and their lives safe. You could not get gun powder, salt, sugar, flour or just the staples of life. There was no seed available. Livestock was scarce and none of the currency was any good. Some moved on to try and start over but there were three families whose blood ran deep in these Blue Ridge Mountains and they weren't going anywhere. They took the law into their own hands to protect and provide for their families. It started with trading in black market goods but over the years it widened to whatever it was they needed. Leadership has been handed down thru out the years to the strongest. It's a family tradition.

© 2020 Stephen Allen Davis,All Rights Reserved.

Hello Montana




Drama, Feature

Easy Rider meets Tender Mercies, Fried Green Tomatoes meets Little House on the Prarie

In the early 90's, a jaded singer/songwriter struggles to make it in the Seattle grunge scene. "Hello Montana" tells the story of his journey through an unexpected health crisis and a new marriage. While back on his grandfather's ranch in Montana he discovers the gold that had been rumored to be on the property. The move from Seattle to the Big Sky country opens up his heart and his spirit.

Seeking investors and creative partners. 90 page working script completed.

Blue Montana Wind - Stephen Allen Davis
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"Blue Montana Wind"  was written, produced and performed by Stephen Allen Davis for "Hello Montana."

cartoon island

looney 33.PNG

Genre: Animated

Pitch: Disney meets Gilligan's Island

Logline: Lobbyists for the War Gaming Corporation convince politicians of the dangers of cartoons. A new law banishes dozens of beloved cartoon characters, such as Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse, to live on a remote island. Bugs and Mickey try to find a way off the island, and get the cartoons back onto the television and movie screens of the nation, with the help of the crew and passengers (mostly children) of a small boat that had become stranded on the island's reef.

Seeking investors and creative partners. Theme song written and recorded.


"Great Big Wonderful World" was written by Stephen Allen Davis and Loni Rose for "Cartoon Island".

Sung by Loni Rose .


© 2020 Stephen Allen Davis, All Rights Reserved.

Great Big Wonderful World - Loni Rose
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