That's My Kind of Life


Genre: Original Broadway Musical  /  Film

Pitch: 50's 60's Jazz  Scene in NYC

Logline: A young wanna-be crooner from Georgia takes on the sparkling Hotsy-Totsy world of the city that never sleeps


In the bopping '50s and the fabulous '60s, New York City was the entertainment capital of the world. This was a place that was always swinging and never slept. There were beautiful hotels like The Biltmore and Park Lane on 45th Avenue, Convertible T-Birds and Jazz joints, like Birdland, The Blue Note, and The Vanguard. This was the hippest of the swank hippest towns in the U-S- of A.

Like Hollywood, New York City was a place you could become a star. Maybe overnight, maybe never, but you could lay your cards on the table, or roll the dice, and see what comes up. It was a dream for a wanna-be crooner or an up-and-coming actress that had their sights set firmly on the fame and glamour that The Big Apple offered.

"That's My Kind of Life" is a Broadway Musical. It follows the rise of singing sensation Tommy Lucky, a kid from Georgia who believes he is destined for stardom with all of his heart. The feeling is light and airy, with a devil-may-care kind of attitude that was part of the attraction of NYC and Manhattan. The place where your dreams can land.

  All original songs to reflect the era. Here is  the title song for the show. 10 completed tracks written for the show  

That's My Kind of Life
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